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Directly connects to your iOS or Android device

Easy. Convenient. Affordable.

100% FMCSA

Predicts and warns drivers of impending violations

Affordable Solution

Get ELD compliant without breaking the bank

Easy to Use

Plug-and-play connection to a diagnostic port

24/7 support

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tfl eld connector with bluetooth le and wifi fmcsa certified
iosix eld connector showing 9 pin J1939 port

Key Features

  • Enhanced customized inspections
  • Portal log grid shows violations
  • Slip seat and team driving
  • Offline support
  • Automatic retry for loss of connectivity with the ELD
  • Two-way integration of portal edits, including full edit logging
  • Fully integrated portal backend
  • Ability to control mobile device settings on the portal
  • Easy to use, minimal required training, on-screen documentation to minimize errors and support costs
  • Easy to use administration tools for account, vehicle, and driver management
  • Supports both AOBRD and ELD in the same app, so no need for additional training after grandfather period
  • State mileage reports

How It Works

Step 1

Tap Connect.

Vistracks hours of service mobile app how to install step 1

Step 2

If connecting a device for the first time, tap Manual Connection. Otherwise, tap Connect.

Vistracks hours of service mobile app how to install step 2

Step 3

Select IOSiX and tap Next.

Vistracks hours of service mobile app how to install step 3

Step 4

Tap the device you want to connect.

Vistracks hours of service mobile app how to install step 4
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A Turnkey ELD Solution for You

Simplify your ELD compliance by reducing the paperwork burden for your drivers

TFL VisTracks Hours of Service is a tablet or smartphone app that is fully FMCSA-certified and provides both hours of service and DVIR support in addition to data for IFTA reporting. TFL VisTracks Hours of Service uses an Android or iOS tablet or smartphone and an ELD (electronic logging device, hardware purchased separately) for electronic logs and vehicle inspections. Several state driving rules exemptions and exceptions, such as for oil fields, are supported.

TFL VisTracks Hours of Service adds a full-featured hosted portal that provides the ability to monitor drivers in the fleet, examine and edit logs as necessary, set up custom inspection categories, view reports (including state mileage), and administer drivers (such as adding or deleting drivers). The portal and device stay in synchronization to provide back-office employees a near-real-time view of their fleet.

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