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ELD VisTracks

Key Features

ELD Compliant

Get ELD compliant with TFL VisTracks Electronic Logging Device for trucks. California's intrastate ELD mandate went into effect on December 16, 2019.

24/7 Support

Understanding and keeping up with the ELD laws can be overwhelming. As a TFL Electronic Logging Device for trucks customer, around-the-clock support is just a phone call away.

electronic logging device with HOS and DVIR
tablet on dashboard

Easy Installation

Easily plugs into any J1939 vehicle bus. No Bluetooth pairing required. With the included gooseneck passenger seat rail mount, you can secure your tablet firmly—no drilling required.

3-Year Warranty

If you experience any hardware issues with your TFL VisTracks ELD system during your 3-year commitment period, we will ship a replacement to minimize your down time.

A turnkey ELD solution for you

Simplify your ELD compliance by reducing the paperwork burden for your drivers

TFL hours of service mobile app

TFL VisTracks™ Hours of Service is a powerful but easy to use tablet- and portal-based service certified with the US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) regulations for electronic logs and vehicle inspections. Regulations for electronic driving and vehicle inspection logs have become commonplace to ensure the veracity of driver tablet input and ensured compliance with regulations.

TFL VisTracks Hours of Service is a tablet- or smartphone-based app that is fully FMCSA-certified and provides both hours of service and DVIR support in addition to data for IFTA reporting. TFL VisTracks Hours of Service uses an Android- or iOS-based tablet or phone and an ELD (electronic logging device, hardware purchased separately) for electronic logs and vehicle inspections. Several state driving rule exemptions and exceptions, such as for oil fields, are supported.

TFL VisTracks Hours of Service adds a full-featured hosted portal that provides the ability to monitor drivers in the fleet, examine and edit logs as necessary, set up custom inspection categories, view reports (including state mileage), and administer drivers (such as adding or deleting drivers). The portal and tablet stay in synchronization to provide back-office employees a near-real-time view of their fleet.


Get ELD Compliance without breaking the bank

truck driver checking his eld hours of service app for reporting

Compliance Support Center

With the increased focus on enforcement of the ELD rules, it is essential we as a provider offer a compliance center to deal with complex ELD rules, sophisticated interactions between hardware devices on the engine and the ELD app software in the truck cab, and all the situations that may be confronting you, as truck drivers. You need someone to call who can help you understand how to modify a log, why you show a violation, why devices are not connecting, and hundreds or thousands of other questions.

Many in the market are not equipped to handle a support-intensive product such as ELD. The addition of the new VisTracks compliance center will enable you the driver, owner operator, and logistic company the peace of mind in receiving expert help. Compliance center agents are highly trained in VisTracks’ ELD products and are conveniently located near one of VisTracks’ software development facilities for added support.

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