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Our cost-effective IoT solutions help customers find out who you are, what you do, and where you are. We provide great flexibility to track any company asset with improved accuracy and reduced investment for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

TrackingForLess portal with truck and delivery van.
easy operation

Simply place the GPS tracker in your vehicle and start tracking immediately.

real-time monitoring

Locate and monitor your fleet up to the second through at our TFL Portal or in our mobile app.

reliable 4g lte network

TFL's fleet tracking devices communicate on America's most recognized 4G LTE nationwide network. This allows TFL to support your fleet tracking needs for many years to come.

alerts and reports

Receive real-time messages and scheduled reports via email or portal/mobile app notifications. Create geofences and get alerts notifying you of vehicle movement at various points of interest.

Our Solutions

Get the flexibility you need for your organization to track any type of vehicle or asset with our low-cost, affordable solution.


Plug-ANd-Play Tracker

Food Truck Findr