Man working remotely

I’ve struggled for the past three weeks to find the words to address the COVID-19 pandemic. No doubt what we all are experiencing is affecting us on both a personal and professional level.  My wife and I, as well as our four kids, are following our state’s “stay-at-home” order and we’ve just begun to settle into our new home office environment and distance learning routine.  Venturing outside of our home, it has become normal to see others wearing masks and gloves, as we have started to do as well, and witness the mutual respect of social distancing.  We dearly miss the company of our family and friends.  We think often about our loved ones who are on the frontline of this disease.  And, we anxiously wait to hear any news that might provide some light at the end of this long dark tunnel.

As a company, we have made the necessary adjustments to ensure continued support for our customers, with minimal disruption, as they in turn support those essential businesses that are helping fight the disease, keeping teachers and students connected, and also making certain our grocery store shelves are amply stocked.

I’ve reached out to as many customers and partners as I could to simply check in.  And while nearly all of them say that they are doing well, I’m sure they are all struggling in some way. 

Rich Amparo of TFL working from home

I know many companies in our industry are suffering and may need to make hard decisions in order to adapt to our current economic environment.  I would like to help.  Let’s have that conversation, reach out, create dialogue, and find out together how we can keep going.  These are troubling times, but working together, we can still make 2020 a great year!  I pray for good health to you and yours and look forward to chatting with you soon.

Stay Safe!

Rich Amparo
Director of Business Development