Personal Tracking

Track What Matters To You

Have the peace of mind in knowing where your loved ones are. Locate lost or stolen assets—even pets! Get location information and notifications in real time so you can take action immediately to keep what’s important to you safe.

Easy Operation

Simply charge your TFL 4G LTE GPS Personal Tracking Device and start tracking immediately

Real-time Monitoring

Use your GPS Personal Tracking Device to locate and monitor your loved ones

4G LTE Network Coverage

Allows TFL to support your personal tracking needs for many more years to come

Alerts and Reports

Receive real-time alerts and scheduled reports via email or portal/mobile app notifications

Our Solutions

We want to solve complicated issues through the simplicity of tracking by creating a low-cost, affordable tracking solution for your personal or business needs. 

personal tracker

A long life asset tracker that has a long battery life of up to 3 to 5 years. A tracking device that can sense temperature.

Asset Tracker






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