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Safe Secure Surfing

WiFiWorks makes hotspot management simple so you can surf the web with confidence

Content Management

We assure customers and minors don't access unsuitable online content which may violate any laws. We block phishing websites that try to steal your identity or login information by pretending to be a legitimate website.

Advanced Reporting

IT administrators want to know how their Wi-Fi hotspot is being utilized. With advance reporting features we give you insight into who, what, and when users have accessed your hotspot, including the ability to export historical data.

Bandwidth Management

Prevent data hogs from downloading large amounts of content. Control the maximum upload/download speeds per user session, and how long they can stay connected. Ideal for 4G/5G LTE + Wi-Fi routers which have a high cost of connectivity.

Premium Service

Want to offer faster Internet for paying customers and slower speeds for free users? Premium users can purchase higher speed access, or use voucher codes provided by the hotspot owner.

Mobile Hotspot

WiFiWorks is supported by many of the leading 4G LTE router equipment manufacturers which offer mobile hotspots for city buses and monorails.


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Wi-Fi Providers

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Coffee Shops

Retail & Shopping Malls

Schools & Universities

Health Systems & Hospitals

Hotel and casino building



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Rail and bus network

Bus & Rail Networks

School Buses

AT&T FirstNet Ready

With AT&T FirstNet-ready devices, we offer GPS location and monitoring services for fleet management, emergency fleet vehicles, and mobile devices. We can help you track your most valuable assets, vehicles, and people.