Personal Tracking Solution

LoRaWAN Helium + Wi-Fi Geolocation for Indoor/Outdoor Use

30 flipped

Asset Tracking Badge with Panic Button

The TFL Tag Tracking Badge gives you the peace of mind in knowing where your loved ones are, locating lost or stolen assets, or getting location information and notifications in real time so you can take immediate action to keep what is important to you safe.


1 Year of TFL on Helium Network Included

Product Features

Powered by Helium LoRaWAN Technology
Location Reports
OTA Control
Low Power Alerts
Emergency Panic Button
Motion Detection
IP67 Water Resistant
Shock Resistant

Sleek Credit Card Sized Badge Allows for Various Applications

Smart Home/Building
Staff/Family Safety
Activity Monitoring
Shipment Verification
Equipment Location





Places of Worship

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