AT&T FirstNet Ready

TFL GPS Location and Monitoring

In times of an emergency, wireless networks can become congested as individuals jump on their mobile devices to contact friends, loved ones, or call for help. This prevents reliable communication among police, fire, and emergency service personnel in order to coordinate and mobilize quickly to save lives. AT&T FirstNet is solving this life-threatening problem.

Dedicated wireless broadband connectivity and GPS location and monitoring for public safety and first responders

FirstNet Ready Routers

Nationwide Coverage

The AT&T FirstNet infrastructure is growing nationwide, especially in rural areas where consumer wireless broadband connectivity is not available.

Reliable Performance

Reliable wireless broadband gives first responders access to resources like maps, weather reports, and imaging that can be used in the planning of search in rescue operations.

Remote Monitoring

Mobile wireless medical devices can bring doctors and specialists from remote locations directly into the heart of field trauma centers.

Fast & Secure

The transfer of vital patient data and access to patient history in the field are crucial tools for emergency medical service teams to render the most effective patient care.

Emergency Location Sharing

In addition to AT&T FirstNet ready devices, TFL offers GPS location and monitoring services for emergency fleet vehicles and mobile devices. This service aids in locating and directing personnel away from dangerous locations due to fire, flooding, or a hostile presence.

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