About Us

We help you provide the most cost-effective solutions
on the market.

Tracking For Less (TFL) started out as a wireless solutions integrator to help our clients design & develop wireless IoT products. When our customers wanted us to create a full service GPS tracking solution, we developed a family of products and services that brings together our expertise in wireless hardware, data connectivity, and user platforms. TrackingForLess is the GPS Tracking brand of Embedded Works Corporation, a wireless technology distributor and integrator since 2004.

Our Solution

TFL provides the most complete GPS tracking and monitoring solution for a variety of industries. Our solutions utilize a multitude of wireless technologies to be sure you will always have intelligence in knowing where your vehicles and assets are located anywhere in the globe. Whether you need to monitor your vehicles, fleet, or equipment we are here to help you manage it from anywhere!

ELD HOS Compliance

TFL delivers a full portfolio of ELD approved devices that fits the budget of small and large fleets. Our solution covers all the services that are needed in the long-haul trucking industry such as: GPS Tracking, HOS Compliance, DVIR, and IFTA. One system to manage your entire compliance needs.